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Finding Fallon & her somatic-focused restorative yoga class was a game changer for me! Once I experienced her class, I knew it was exactly what I needed to rest more fully and recover my energy. The time spent each week offers the opportunity to experience what deep rest really feels like. After class, I'm refreshed, calm & tend to have more flow in my days to follow. I've found that a more complete version of myself emerges when I practice in this way on a regular basis. The Somatic work Fallon offers is subtle, yet powerful in the way it allows the body to unwind from deeply held patterns of tension. These teachings have had a huge impact on my life and my ability to work with chronic pain & re-injury as it shows up in my body. I've also seen the effects in my asana practice, which is much more stable and mindful after incorporating somatic work. It's been an honor to learn from and be inspired by Fallon & the work she is doing in her own practice as well as that which she offers out into the community.

Candace A.

What a wonderful experience. Fallon is a gifted healer; she's intuitive and has warm, friendly energy that she projects out to the world. I'm confident she will help me on my path to wellness, physically and spiritually.

Ashley Nicole

Working with Fallon has been one of the best things I could have done to get back into my body. Somatic yoga and restorative yoga have especially helped me cope with my mental health issues.


Somatics and yoga with Fallon Jones really helped me find wellness after back pains following a car accident. I learned to focus on certain muscle groups and my breath to strengthen and change how I move. Her healing touch and positive encouragement kept me coming back whether for one-on-one or group sessions. I feel confident in my yoga practice because Fallon inspired me to be well and reunite my mind, breath, and body.

Katie B. 

Fallon is 100% the real deal. I had the honor of participating in one of her classes and be attuned. She holds wonderful space. She has fantastic facilitation skills and a way with words that helps anyone understand the concepts. I will definitely be training to level 2 with her and am proud she is part of my Reiki Lineage! Fallon not only teaches and heals but practicing her way of being legitimately.

One of the real ones. Thank you Fallon Maureen! Highly recommend classes and healings from her!

Ravn Thor Hegland 

I have really enjoyed working with Fallon!  I want to speak first about this amazing woman and her energy. She is compassionate, client focused, and highly in tune with her own sacred energy connection and the energy of her clients.  I have learned Reiki Level 1 & 2 from her as well as attended one of her yoga classes. I walked out feeling great, grounded, and a stronger connection to myself and all that is. I would highly recommend her services to anyone, her prices are quite reasonable as well! Definitely worth it!  

Amanda Sutter 


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